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Beck - Nash - Reyenga "Metaclaw"

by Beck - Nash - Reyenga

10.00 / Sold Out

Rush Hour Distribution wrote: "Metaclaw is blazed studio session that time could have forgotten...but Offen Music didn't. A glorious downbeat synth plodder/head nodder from the minds of three very muscial friends.. features remixes from Gordon Pohl and Glib'r."

Metaclaw was written and produced by Ralf Beck, Jonny Nash, Tako Reyenga and
recorded at Uhrwald Orange studio in Düsseldorf on 26.05.2008. It's been this unreleased favorite ever since.
With remixes by Gordon Pohl (Musicargo, Karamika, 3rd Wave, Kunstkopf...) from January 2017 and Gilbert Cohen (also known as Gilb'R) from november 2016 with percussions played and recorded in Amman by Shadi Khries and mixed by Nicolas Chaix, this 12" became a document of long time paths, friendships, passion, fun and great music. And if there would be some kind of Elextronic All Stars Band, this would come pretty close to it. Enjoy!

A: Metaclaw
B1: Gordon Pohl Remix
B2: Gilbert Cohen Remix