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Ihor Tsymbrovsky - Come, Angel - Offen Music 003

by Ihor Tsymbrovsky

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Offen Music 003 is a selection of 3 songs from Ihor Tsymbrovsky’s „Прийди Янголе“ (Come Angel), cassette album released on Koka Records, Poland, in 1996 (Recorded in 95). Otherworldly music.
Full heavy cover, inner sleeve with lyrics and a short story by Bethany Ritz.
Mastered by Enrico Mercaldi for Time Tools Mastering.
Artwork by Ola Vasiljeva and Zelda Ivkovic.
Design by Patrick Keuthen.

It doesn't make much sense to describe the music - just click on the link below and listen. But there is a short, raw story, from Vitali Bardetski who produced the album in 1995:

"I don’t remember much when recalling what happened over 20 years ago. I met Ihor thru my older brother who was studiyng architecture at the polytechnical institute of Lviv. I believe Ihor was studying construction or maybe architecture too. I was much younger than Ihor and already managed a few pop artists. I used to spend most of the time in Berlin.
Once my bro played me a demo tape by Ihor, and i got really excited and asked brother to introduce me to him.
I proposed to go to a studio. At that time there were probably only 2 studios in Lviv.
We recorded everything in a single day, all 100% live, no edits, nothing. Just some crazy delay - Ihor liked it sounding a bit "dubby“.
The whole session was a pure magic. I just told our engineer "touch nothing now and relax". "Come Angel" - we recorded it twice as there was a malfunction of a tape recorder.
I believe I paid something like 100 US$ for everything.
That was actually a lot - my rent for a 1 room apartment in the very center was around 25 bucks a month.
First we released it ourselves on cassettes with b&w sleeves copied on xerox. I met a crazy guy in Berlin (Gogo was his nickname)
He was already working with some ex East Block artists and offered a mini tour in Berlin and the area around it.
We came to Berlin and played a few gigs, really strange venues, mainly bars in squats, but it was lots of fun. I remember a couple of young ladies literally loosing conscience along with Ihor's high frequencies.
Financially that was of course a flop. We had been cleaning windows a few days to buy return tickets…"

Click here to listen